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PASS Autocar charter

The site operated by the Mairie de Paris and hosted by Carte Blanche Conseil has been duly registered with the CNIL, under the number: 855 286.

Data usage

The information that you provide on the website allows the Mairie de Paris to process and carry out your orders. In accordance with article 27 of the French Data Protection Act of January 6th 1978, the information which is essential to the Mairie de Paris and its partner managers of the car parks and parking spaces to process and carry out the orders is highlighted with an asterisk on the website pages.
Other requested information for which the response is optional is destined to provide better knowledge of users, and to improve the services offered to them.
Unless otherwise indicated the Mairie de Paris is likely to contact you by post and by email in order to send you information, allowing you to better understand and better use the website and the PASS Autocar in the coach parks in Paris.
In accordance with the recommendations made by the CNIL, users who no longer wish to receive information by email can unsubscribe with a simple click.

Right to object

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act you have the right of opposition which can be exercised
  • by sending a letter to the Mairie de Paris, Section du stationnement sur Voie Publique, 15 boulevard Carnot 75012 PARIS;
  • by sending an email under the "my messages" section on the first accessible page after logging on

Right to access, modify, rectify and delete

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, you have a right to access, to modify, to rectify and to delete any data which concerns you (article 34 of the French Data Protection Act of January 6th 1978). You can exercise this right:
  • Either by sending a letter to the Mairie de Paris Section du stationnement sur Voie Publique 15 boulevard Carnot 75012 PARIS;
  • or directly on the website in the ""my identity"" section, accessible after logging in.

My orders

The "My Orders" page of the website allows you to consult, modify or cancel an order.
For any questions or requests concerning the protection of your personal data, especially the closure of your account, you can send an email via the «my messages» section on the website

Communication from

Users may receive communication from in the following cases:
  • Register as a site member. The new member will receive a welcome email containing his/her login name and password;
  • Request to close an account. In the event of account closure, a notification email will be sent to the client notifying the account closure. The reimbursement of sales will be made thereafter.
  • Purchase of PASS Autocar, change in date, vehicle or name or cancellation. For any order, purchase or cancellation in order reservation, the buyer will receive a confirmation email.
  • Request for assistance or submission of questions and suggestions, reply by email to the person needing assistance in consulting his/her orders, Connecting to the website or accessing his/her account.

Protection of information provided

To conserve the confidence demonstrated by the buyer when he/she logs onto the website to order and buy the PASS Autocar, the Mairie de Paris ensures that the information treceived is protected. To ensure this protection, it has set up a data security programme for information stored on its systems.
The IT systems at are equipped with a hardware and software data protection tool..
Debit/credit card payments are secure as a result of an agreement with PAYBOX.